Commissions from the winter break

This one was for Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, who needed types for a test in which people could find out what programmes MS had to offer that tey might want to follow. The first one to the right is "the adventurer", the next "the career-person", the third "the person in doubt", and the last "the idealist". I hope it's clear enough; MS was happy anyway XD used a lot of textures and just levels in PS to get the darks.

The one above here is for one of my boyfriend's friends'girlfriend (sounds complicated, I know). She's the girl on Gary the snail. I had some hard time doing her face so it resembled, as I didn't have a profile image of her at first, but I think I managed pretty well and it looks like her IMO. Oh yeah, SpongeBob and the rest are copyright Nickelodeon of course- this isn't for commercial use