Character designs for Dr DeSoto w. Julia Bracegirdle

An image from the finished show- it would be a flash animated program, I think.

We listened to the story of Dr DeSoto and were to design the main characters for the show. As I had some problems getting away from very rigid and predictable designs drawing, I ended up trying collage in PS, and this made me do something really different from what I would normally have come up with- though the elephant is based on the very first sketch I did. 
The clay maquette is not completely tru to my design, which was not intended, but it turned out not being too important for the main idea, as it is supposed to be a pretty graphic flash production. I rather like the finished idea- and it is made on a somewhat small image, thus the pixelation of it. 

Another client at Dr DeSoto's dentist practice

Dr DeSoto

Mr LeFoxe

Mr LeFoxe (maquette)